Quartz in a silver-ebony ring by Setiel Masaki
Quartz in a silver-ebony ring

Tourmaline Mozambique
Tourmaline Mozambique

Program of classes   in Dar-es-Salaam Kunduchi area, Tanzania.

We look forward to welcome you as a new student and watch your life and career develop to their full potential.

May 2021 July 2021 Nov. 2021
Jewelry manufacture
5 days         US$ 325.-
17th - 21st 26th - 30st 15th - 19th
Faceting of gemstones
5 days         US$ 300.-
10th - 14th 08th - 12th
Faceting of gemstones
10 days       US$ 500.-
03rd - 14th 01st - 12th
Cabochon cutting and
gemstone carving
5 days         US$ 280.-
Course documents are available in : English, Swahili, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese. Teaching language is : English and Swahili.

All jewelry manufactured or gemstones cut during class are included in the class price and yours to keep.

Places are reserved on a first come first serve basis. Once we have your payment for the class fee, space is reserved for you. The number of students per class is limited.


Setiel Masaki
Kunduchi, Dar es Salam Tanzania
+255 743 000 523
Ultra-Tec V5 digital faceting machine
Ultra-Tec V5 digital faceting machine

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