Amethyst Nigeria
Amethyst Nigeria
Lapidary training and jewelry classes
by Setiel Masaki

Precision faceting for brilliance and irresistible beauty.
Through a program of classes I share essential know-how for the gemstone trade. From the extraction of a gem in the mine, to a finished piece of jewelry with gems set in precious metal.

Setiel Masaki is a certified Lapidary instructor.

  • Lapidary training
  • Jewellery manufacturing classes
  • Gemstone identification services
  • Evalutation of rough stones
  • Cabochon cutting and carving of gems
  • Precision faceting for best brilliance
  • Recutting of faceted stones
  • Repair cutting of damaged stones
  • Concave faceting
    Consulting and installation of :
  • faceting workshops for production or for training
  • jewelers workshops for production or for training
  • Setiel Masaki on a  Ultra-Tec VL faceting machine

    Setiel Masaki teaching two students Program of classes in Dar-es-Salaam Kunduchi area.
  • Jewelry manufacture
  • Faceting of gemstones
  • Cabochon cutting and carving
  • Concave faceting NEW

  • 2 days faceting class in Arusha, Tanzania.
    An introduction to precision faceting for best brilliance on
    Ultra-Tec V5 digital faceting machines.
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  • Carving
  • Cabochons
  • Faceting
  • Concave faceting
  • Jewelry
  • Amazonite cabochon Morogoro cut by Setiel Masaki
    Amazonite cabochon Morogoro

    Tourmaline tricushion Mozambique cut by Setiel Masaki
    Tourmaline tricushion Mozambique

    Concave faceted swiss quartz cut by Setiel Masaki
    Concave faceted swiss quartz

    Quartz in a silver-ebony ring by Setiel Masaki
    Quartz in a silver-ebony ring

    Curriculum Vitae
  • 2016 Training as lapidary at the workshop of Noreen Masaki, 10 weeks
  • 2017 Gemmology training at the workshop of Noreen Masaki, 5 weeks
  • 2018 Safari to various Gemstone mines in Tanzania, 3 weeks
  • 2018 Teaching the miners in Umba faceting and cabochon cutting 5 days
  • 2018 Consultancy and setup of a lapidary workshop in Maputo Mozambique, 7 months
  • 2018 Training in jewelry manufacturing and casting at the workshop of Noreen Masaki
  • 2019 Teaching a 10 week lapidary instructor class at the workshop of Noreen Masaki
  • 2020 Training in jewelry manufacture and concave faceting at the workshop
                 of Free Form Artists in Switzerland, 9 months
  • 2021 Safari to the saphire and garnet mining area of Umba river, 1 week
  • 2021 Organisation of lapidary classes in Tanzania
  • 2022 Round trip to various mining areas, 17 days
  • 2022 Participation at the Munich Mineral show in Germany
  • 2023 Ruby-Zoisit Jewelry class in Longido at the mine
  • cut by Setiel Masaki
    Quarz with frosted facets

    Amethyst brilliant cut Nigeria cut by Setiel Masaki
    Amethyst brilliant cut Nigeria
    Ultra-Tec V5 digital faceting machine
    Ultra-Tec V5 digital faceting machine

    Examination of inclusions
    Examination of inclusions
    Tanzanite Merelani Tanzania cut by Setiel Masaki
    Tanzanite Merelani Tanzania

    Sapphire Auvergne France cut by Setiel Masaki
    Sapphire Auvergne France
    Swiss quartz cut by Setiel Masaki
    Quartz brilliant cut and concave cut

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